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4 Benefits Of Muira Puama Bark Extracts

Natural remedies are once again becoming popular as cure or supplement in a wide variety of conditions. The reason for this is the growing awareness in people about the safety and efficiency of these natural ingredients. These natural remedies are even used in conditions that affect human fertility, such as low sex drive and potency problems. Among the most popular potency booster right now is the Muira Pauma Bark Extract. What is Muira Pauma and why is it a good remedy for potency and other sexual problems?

What Is Muira Puama? Muira Puama is the indigenous name of the Ptychopetalum, which is a genus of flowering species found in the Amazon rainforest. These plants can grow to about 14 feet or 4.3m and is known as the “potency wood” by the indigenous people. It is usually used to prevent sexual disorders, as well as boost it with its sexual-inducing properties. Muira Puama bark extracts are often applied directly in the skin to get the benefits wanted. When combined with other herbs, the Muira Puama bark extracts are known to help in remedy for male performance problems.

The Benefits Of Muira Pauma Bark Extract

You don't have to be in the Amazon to get the extract and use it for its benefits at home. All you have to do is order different forms (essential oil, pills, tablets). Here are the four known benefits of the Muira Pauma extracts.

1. Used As An Aphrodisiac – The Muira Pauma is known for its Aphrodisiac properties, which helps increase the sexual desire in man for up to 60%. This means increased performance and increased libido for males. According to the study performed by Dr. Jacques Waynberg in France last 1994, 60% out of 202 me with low libido reported improvement after taking 1,000 – 1,500 mg of the supplement daily for two weeks.

Muira Pauma's Aphrodisiac properties can affect both men and women. It is believed that when Muira Puama is mixed with Ginkgo Biloba, the solution increase the sex drive of 65% out of 202 women. This mixture has been used in some products that promote healthier and more engaging sexual experiences.

2. Aids In Reducing Potency Problems – One of the short term effects of the Muira Puama is its ability to improve the blood flow to the pelvic area, which aides in erections in men. Its long term effect is the enhancements of sex hormone productions, which greatly improves sexual sensation for both men an women. The improvement of potency is showed that the acetylcholinesterase from the plant helps blood flow through blood vessels, which includes the blood vessels in the genitals.

3. Helps In Curing Memory Problems – Muira Puama can also help in curing memory problems and help in slowing down the progression of memory-related diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease. According to the study called “The Amazonian Herbal Marapuama Attenuates Cognitive Impairment And Neuroglial Degeneration In A Mouse Alzheimer Model”, after a 14-day treatment with 800 mg/kg, the model mouse for Alzheimer's Disease improved. This is attributed to the enzymes that help in breaking down the acetylcholine in the brain.

4. Natural Cure For Other Minor Ailments – Muira Puama can also be used in every day minor problems which can cause discomfort and annoyance. It can aid in curing stomach upsets and loss of appetite. It can also reduce the effects of chronic stress by being used as an adaptogen. The extract can also be used to aid the easing of depression attacks and joint or any muscle pain. This is from the study published in Phytotherapy which was published in 2009. In Phytomedicine 2010, it was again tested in mice, with Scientists concluded that Muira Puama contains an adaptogen-like property.

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