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A Closer look at Epimedium Including Its History and Benefits


Introduction to the Herbal Supplement Part 1

Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed is a type of herb found in different health and beauty supplements. This herbal supplement also goes by several other names such as Barrenwort, Xian Ling Pi, and Yin Yang Huo. Did you know that 15 of these species in Chinese medicine are known as Yin Yang Huo? The leaves of this herb create medicine used for several different purposes such as strengthening backs and knees. Other examples are physical fatigue, loss of memory, heart disease, as well as HIV or AIDS. There is also polio, viral infections occurring in the heart, and a blood disorder known as chronic leucopenia. In addition to health, this herb can also help increase mental acuity.

Introduction to the Herbal Supplement Part 2

The place where you can find the most Epimedium is China. It is also native to the locations of the Mediterranean and Asia. The reason this is also called Horney Goat weed is for its aphrodisiac effects as explained in a legend. The legend states a herder saw his goats behave amorously after consuming the plant. Other names this supplement are fairy winds and barrenwort. Some men use this supplement for problems regarding their sexual performance and can be used to kindle sexual desire. Examples are erectile dysfunction (ED) and involuntary ejaculation.

The Functions of The Herba; Supplement

An active ingredient in Epimedium is icariin. This Ingredient has been seen relaxing the smooth muscle tissue, which is in control of the involuntary muscles. It is also believed by researchers that Epimedium can relax the central nervous system as well. That way, the system can transition modes from flight or fight to rest. This content is believed to help with erectile dysfunction that occurs on a cellular level. There would have to be a strength taken for the treatment to be effective. The strength of the Epideimium supplement can be determined by the flavonoid level inside it.

Benefits of the Herbal Supplement: Memory Boost and Anti-Age Prevention

There are a handful of positive benefits that this supplement has. One is that it can give your memory a boost. The supplement provides increased blood flow leading to and from the brain that boosts the way it functions. A good blood flow not only boosts your memory, but it can also improve cognition. This supplement also comes with effects that can help prevent aging. A reason for this is because of the many antioxidants this supplement has. With these antioxidants, the supplement can find cell-damaging free radicals and with that reverse the properties of anti-aging.

Benefits of the Herb Supplement: Osteoporosis and Body Building

Osteoporosis is an area where the herb supplement helps. The supplements ingredient icariin has been seen promoting the growth and development of the osteocyte cells and contributes to the remodeling of bones. With that information, icariin would do well in controlling and treating osteoporosis. Also, for bodybuilders and athletes, icariin has served as an extremely powerful and potent supplement. This is mostly because of the properties of testosterone and Nitric Oxide.

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